Friday, March 1, 2013

Going Crazy Crocheting Hats!

I have made the leap and joined Etsy! I am so excited to give it a try and a little nervous at the same time.:) I have had a lot of time on my hands in the evenings because my husband recently started working swing shift. I decided to take up crocheting again and have gone a bit crazy with it. :) I had forgotten just how relaxing crocheting can be! I decided to open the shop partly just because I have made so many hats and such that I need to start getting rid of them so I can make new ones.

Here are a few samples of things I have been working on and now have listed in my shop.

These first three pictures are pictures my talented sister took and she used some of my hats as props.:)

If you would like to check out my Etsy shop go here.

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