Monday, January 30, 2012

Cupcake Themed Baby Shower

 This past Saturday I had the privilege of hosting a baby shower for my sister and 5 week old niece. My mom and I  had a lot of  fun making cupcake decorations. A few months back I found some cute baby onesie cupcakes on pinterest and the cupcake theme was born.

Here are some pictures of the prep work.

We first made the onesie cupcakes.
We also made these smaller cupcakes with some baby wash clothes.
Next we used white Christmas lights and cupcake papers to make this cute decoration for the mantle. We added a few small cupcakes, one large one, some little birds I had, cupcake pictures I made, and the mantle was done.

(Somehow I didn't get any pictures with the cupcake pictures in them)
We placed the rest of the cupcakes in various places around the living room and dining room.
(Aren't the little tooth and curl holders cute!)
(I found the candle cupcakes at the dollar store.)
My mom made these cute diaper mint holders.
The last thing I made was the cupcakes for us to eat.

Here are a few more picture during the shower.

 My sister opening gifts.
 Some of the guests and babies. We were able to fit nearly 20 people in my small living room!
 My niece with one of her aunts.
The table all set up.

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  1. Hi Drea,

    You did a fantastic job on the themed shower! Love the cupcake theme!!! :) Wishing you a wonderful week.


  2. That is adorable! Found you via Tip Junkie!

  3. Cute shower! I love everything cupcake!

  4. Hi again Drea,

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